K18 KAOLIN Noodle bowl

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Clay color Kaolin white
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Perfect stackable bowls for a generous portion of steamy noodle soup or a refreshing serving of cold noodles. Alternately, use as an entree bowl for your combo grain/veggie/leafy green meals. Great as a small serving bowl, too. Thin walled. Colored porcelain (with the exception of white). Glazed on the interior with a clear liner. Exterior left unglazed for a silky matte finish. A big sister to the Kaolin small round bowl. Capacity approx. 24 oz. 

- Size: 6-½" diam x 3" h
- Microwave, dishwasher and warm oven safe
- Durable and chip-resistant porcelain
- Handthrown one at a time
- Slight variations are to be expected

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KAOLIN is characterized by its many cylindrical forms, thin walls, play with texture, and use of earthy color-integral clays. Surface aberrations are often encouraged. Most pieces are glazed with a clear liner on the inside only, leaving the exterior unglazed for a silky matte finished texture.