Limited Editions Text

I love making dinnerware. The repetitive work is rhythmic, calming and meditative. But sometimes I want to make something different.

Several times a year I put production aside and work on whatever I feel like exploring at the moment – a different form, a different technique, color. Some things I just make a few of. Some explorations turn into years-long variations on a theme.

The result is a continually evolving body of work somewhat separate from but complementary to my dinnerware - vases, occasional dishes, teapots and teaware, even tiny salt spoons.  Below are a few snapshots from the studio.

Because I am not committed to making these limited edition items for any particular length of time, I don't sell them on my website. They are available at my studio or when I exhibit at craft shows, mostly in Philadelphia or Washington DC.

For those further afield, I send out periodic newletters with images of new pieces and I welcome inquiries and purchases. If you would like to receive my newsletter, please subscribe here. You will also receive notifications when I plan to exhibit at a show in your area.