::TEXT::Taking a pause before attaching a spout to a teapot.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Wet Grass charger, dinner plate and medium serving bowl in ginger and clearwater. See what's in stock in Wet Grass here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Enso bowl in sage and clearwater. Order pieces from the Enso collection here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Limited Edition Tulip cups. Colored porcelain. See more images of limited edition pieces here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Trimming an Enso salad plate. ::TEXT::
::TEXT::  Jasmine collection in sea and clearwater. Shop Jasmine here.  ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Limited Edition Ridge cups with matte (unglazed) exteriors. Subscribe to my occasional newsletter to see images of new pieces.::TEXT::
::TEXT::  Enso plates in ginger, clearwater and sage. See more Enso here.  ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Jasmine bowls, dessert plate and cup & saucer in sea and clearwater.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Glaze touch-up work.  ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Ebi square plates in sea, clearwater and ginger. See what's In Stock in the  Ebi collection here.  ::TEXT::
::TEXT::After drying, trimmings are recycled and made into new clay.  ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Ebi collection in sea and clearwater. Small and medium square bowls in the foreground. Nested noodle soup and rice bowl in the background. Shop the Ebi collection here. ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Nested Bevel bowls shown in fig, ginger and clearwater. See Bevel bowls In Stock here. ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Simple Loop Teapot. Teapots were a big obsession of mine for at least a decade and are still occasionally made in limited editions.::TEXT::  
::TEXT::Some of my non-throwing tools.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Jasmine collection in sea, clearwater and ginger. See what's In Stock in Jasmine here::TEXT::
::TEXT::Glaze touch up work.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Wet Grass bowls in kiwi and clearwater. See what's In Stock in Wet Grass here::TEXT::
::TEXT::Ebi small square bowls in clearwater and sea on a small square plate. Shop this combination here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Small limited edition teacups. See more limited edition items here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Bevel dessert bowls in pumpkin and clearwater. Shop this product here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Ware rack in the studio.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Items from the Enso collection in sage, ginger and clearwater. See what's in stock in Enso here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Wet Grass cups & saucers in clearwater. Order this item here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Tripartite handle teapot. See more limited edition items here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Loading Ebi rice bowls into the kiln for their final glaze firing.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Ebi cups in kiwi and clearwater. Ebi rice bowls in clearwater. See what's in stock in the Ebi collection here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Jasmine collection in clearwater, ginger and sea. Jasmine soup, dinner and salad. Order items from the Jasmine collection here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Setting up shots with Dominic and Alex.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Items from the Wet Grass collection in kiwi, ginger and clearwater. See what's in stock in the Wet Grass collection here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Adding small coils to a teapot handle for a bamboo effect. See other limited edition teapots here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Nesting bowls from the Bevel collection in sea, ginger and clearwater. Shop Bevel here.::TEXT::
::TEXT::Tiny bowl. The matte unglazed exterior is in contrast to the vessel's thin and delicate walls . See other limited edition items here. ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Enso soup bowl and cup & saucer in clearwater. Shop Enso here. ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Pieces from the Bevel collection in sea, clearwater, kiwi and pumpkin. Shop Bevel here. ::TEXT::
::TEXT::Wire clay cutters in the studio.::TEXT::