B04 BEVEL Luncheon plate

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The 9" luncheon plate is a great option for all the times a dinner plate is too big -- breakfast and lunch, for certain --  but a salad plate too small. It became a part of my collection after a customer (and old friend) insisted that the six other plates sizes I had to offer were not what they were looking for. I was incredulous at first and thought they were ribbing me. But ever since, the luncheon plate has been in most heavy rotation in my home. It's our go-to. Thank you, Mark!  

- Size: 9" diameter
- Microwave, dishwasher and warm oven safe
- Durable and chip-resistant porcelain
- Available in seven glaze colors
- Handthrown one at a time
- Slight variations are to be expected

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the collection

BEVEL is the simplest of the dinnerware collections, characterized by sturdy, unadorned forms and beveled, highlighted edges. The bowls’ soft contours and low profiles are well suited for daily rituals like morning granola or evening ice cream. The plates’ gently curving rims create a clean, modern look that invites mixing and matching. The Bevel collection coordinates well with the Enso collection.